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Lucien Freud Self Portrait with Black Eye 1979 For Sale
Handling his million dollar face with care -- RIP Lucien Freud 07/20/11
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Posted: 07-22-11
Chess Set
Marcel Duchamp's silver plated and silver plated brass chess set (1920-1926)
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Posted: 07-21-11
Boardwalk, Man Ray, 1917
perspectives on chess.
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Posted: 07-20-11
Scene from The Gas Heart
The Gas Heart, play by Tristan Tzara (1923) Theatre Michel, Paris
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Posted: 07-19-11
Sanitary Duchamp Homage
"A massive hat, bug-eyed sunglasses, giant frog medallion, pendants, ragged gloves, painted vest and long skirt covers the artist Frog King from head to toe. In homage to Surrealist French artist Marcel Duchamp's signed urinal Fountain, ink-soaked toilet paper rolls dangle from the King's wrists."-NYT
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Posted: 07-18-11
Francis Picabia behind the wheel of a sports car.
Man Ray, Museo D'Arte Lugano
Posted: 07-16-11
Man Ray's Atelier, 1918-1919.
Posted by Eli Epstein-Deutsch
Courtesy of Fondazione Marconie, Museo D'Arte Lugano
Posted: 07-15-11
Duchamp and Fountain
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Posted: 07-14-11
Adam and Eve
Duchamp and Madame Ren Clair posed for Man Ray, 1924
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Posted: 07-13-11
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