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The original twitter?
Paul Klee's Twittering Machine (1922) seems to anticipate the humor and strangeness of today's soliloquizing twitterers.
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Posted: 08-11-11
Tristan Tzara, by Man Ray, 1928
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Posted: 08-10-11
Still from Un Chien Andalou (1929)
Iconic shot from Luis Bunuel's and Salvador Dali's surrealist film
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Posted: 08-09-11
The Apprentice In the Sun (2006) Rainer Ganahl.
neon light on black plexi
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Posted: 08-08-11
"Having the apprentice in the sun," (avoir l'apprenti dans le soleil.), Marcel Duchamp, 1914
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Posted: 08-07-11
Dali's Argus
One of many drawings and etchings featured in the Argillet Collection, which is currently at the National Gallery of Armenia
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Posted: 08-04-11
Marcel Duchamp, Gabrielle and Francis Picabia, Guillaume Apollinaire
by Andre Raffray, 1977
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Posted: 08-03-11
Raoul Hausmann (1915) Hans Richter
Ink drawing by Dada filmmaker Hans Richter
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Posted: 08-02-11
Graffito aus der Serie Masken und Gesichter, o. D. (19351956), Brassai
From the Museum Berggruen, in Berlin
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Posted: 08-01-11
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