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George Oppen's Daybooks
selected texts by a founder of American Modernism
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Posted: 08-20-11
Broken R M
Haans Haacke, 1986
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Posted: 08-19-11
Karen Eland, "Mona Latte"
Coffee artist Karen Eland is among many artists who have, like Duchamp, re-imagined or parodied famous works of art. Eland works in watered-down espresso shots.
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Posted: 08-18-11
I Can Has an Readymade?
Avant Garde LolCat
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Posted: 08-17-11
silver linings
An untitled piece at the "French Art Today: the Marcel Duchamp Prize" exhibition in Gwacheon, South Korea.
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Posted: 08-16-11
Fluxus Diagram
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Posted: 08-15-11
Collage on plywood--Study for Etant Donnes background
by Marcel Duchamp
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Posted: 08-14-11
Flower Pot a la Marcel Duchamp
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Posted: 08-13-11
Eve Babitz, 50 years later
The nude girl who played chess with Duchamp is now the spokesperson for the 60's art scene. Here she is at a recent exhibition at the Hammer Museum.
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Posted: 08-12-11
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